Yes, we do collect data that can personally identify you. However, rest assured as we take your data very seriously and employ every measure possible in our capacity to keep your data secure. Read this document carefully and completely to understand why and how your data is used.

This document enlists “you” as the “user” or the “person” accessing this website and uses all three terms interchangeably to represent the “person” accessing this website. Further, the document enlists “InstantPost” as “website” or “company” and uses all three terms interchangeably in reference to the company “InstantPost Printers and Scanners Private Limited” forming the agreement between the “person” accessing the website and theĀ  “company” to collect data as per this privacy policy. Anyone, other than person accessing this website and InstantPost, is referred as “third party” in this document. “Post” refers to any “user content” uploaded on InstantPost website by the user to be displayed privately to user and/ or to be displayed publicly to everyone over Internet and/ or to print it.

Accessing this website and/ or using any of the InstantPost services implies that user has read the terms of use and this privacy policy completely, understood the information mentioned and agreed to allow InstantPost to collect user’s data in order to provide complete service experience. In case you do not agree to our terms of use or to this privacy policy then immediately stop accessing this website, clear all web browser cookies, cached data and do not enter any private information that can personally identify you and do not create any post, public or private, on InstantPost website.

This document can be updated or edited without notice before and/ or after modification. Users are required to regularly visit this page to read the complete document and keep themselves up to date with the latest modifications in this policy document.

Automatic collection

The moment user accesses any web page on InstantPost website, just like this privacy policy page, we start collecting information not limited to user’s IP address, web browser name and version, operating system name and version as exposed by user’s web browser and other such tools being utilized in displaying InstantPost website on user’s computer or mobile device.

Voluntary collection

In order to complete service experience InstantPost collects further information about user like his or her phone number, postal address, private and public posts created by user on InstantPost, prints taken by user, recent contacts of user on InstantPost and user’s overall usage and payment history. This information is collected only when you agree to all terms of use and provide the information yourself. Such information is never collected using any automatic measure until and unless you take the necessary actions on the website to provide such information.

Local storage

InstantPost website stores some amount of data like session tokens, generated random id and more on user’s computer in web browser cookies to identify the user uniquely and provide him personalized experience and securely show his personal records meant to be seen only by the particular user using private sections on the InstantPost website. In order to increase speed of delivery, InstantPost website also caches public and static data like images, text, web pages that do not change frequently.

Data sharing

InstantPost regularly shares data with third party vendors and service providers on a need to know basis as an aggregate set or individual user information depending on the requirements to fulfill particular user experience.

Compulsory dispatch after print

InstantPost considers printed content requested by user as their private data that may reflect opinions, choices, biases, orientation which should be kept confidential unless users choose to make them public. Any print request made by users, if blocked for printing and/ or printed by InstantPost will be dispatched, at the earliest possible, to recipient address in order to not hold any private data of users with InstantPost without any reasonable requirement. No cancellation request after printing will be entertained.

Zero manual editing

InstantPost considers printed content requested by user as their private data that may reflect opinions, choices, biases, orientation which should be kept confidential unless users choose to make them public. Any print request made by users, will not be manually edited, enhanced by individual, InstantPost employees or InstantPost affiliates or third party for manual modification or alterations other than software controlled modifications required to modify image in order to present optimal print experience on paper and display experience on website. No manual modification request for printing will be entertained.

Public content on InstantPost

InstantPost allows users to make their posts public making them freely available on Internet to anyone and also to other InstantPost users to print them at will. Once a particular post is made public, although users do have option to make it private again, limit on its access to anyone cannot be controlled and will not be responsibility of InstantPost. Users are advised to exercise caution while making a Post public on InstantPost as they will solely bear all responsibilities for any losses, financial, physical or emotional, due to such an exposure in public.

Limited liability

InstantPost website takes necessary measures, known to InstantPost, to keep your data secure but does not take any responsibility for data leak due to circumstances beyond control of InstantPost not limited to sharing password, natural calamity, strikes, riots, sabotage, fire, theft, war, hardware failure, software failure, software bugs, government action, insurrection, unauthorized security breach by an InstantPost employee or outsider on InstantPost properties both physical and digital or on user’s property both physical and digital not limited to computer or mobile device. Loss of data also includes events of leak that may occur with vendors supporting InstantPost as listed in the previous section, intentionally or unintentionally, being beyond control of InstantPost authority. InstantPost will not be responsible for any losses, financial, mental or emotional, incurred by user in event of such data leak.