We hope you are reading this page as a curious case and not because we have failed you in one of our offerings. Read further to understand how do we consider refunds.

This document enlists “you” as the “user” or the “person” accessing this website and uses all three terms interchangeably to represent the “person” accessing this website. Further, the document enlists “InstantPost” as “website” or “company” and uses all three terms interchangeably in reference to the company “InstantPost Printers and Scanners Private Limited” forming the agreement between the “person” accessing the website and the  “company” to define terms of refund as per this refund policy. Anyone, other than person accessing this website and InstantPost, is referred as “third party” in this document. “Post” refers to any “user content” uploaded on InstantPost website by the user to be displayed privately to user and/ or to be displayed publicly to everyone over Internet and/ or to print it.

Accessing this website and/ or using any of the InstantPost services implies that user has read the terms of use and this refund policy completely, understood the information mentioned and agreed that user can avail refund only in case of valid reason as listed in this refund policy. In case you do not agree to our terms of use or to this refund policy then do not make any payments on InstantPost website.

This document can be updated or edited without notice before and/ or after modification. Users are required to regularly visit this page to read the complete document and keep themselves up to date with the latest modifications in this policy document.

Eligible cases for payments

InstantPost will collect payment applicable only in following cases:

  1. User selects to receive a print without ads.
  2. User selects a print size not available as free print with ads.
  3. User selects a delivery option not available free with print.
  4. User selects to deliver to recipient not registered with InstantPost referred as “Friend off InstantPost” on website.
  5. User selects to display ads behind prints taken by other users.

Payments made to InstantPost through legitimate channels on InstantPost website in any of the above mentioned cases will be eligible for refund, if applicable. This section forms only the eligibility criteria for refund and does not necessarily entitle user for refund. Payments made in any other situation even through legitimate channels will not be eligible for refund. In case you are asked to make payment out of turn please contact InstantPost immediately to report the issue.

Qualifying cases for refund

InstantPost will provide refund to user only in following circumstances:


  1. User has made authentic payment which has been duly received by InstantPost and the print has not been delivered to the user within 45 days from date on which user requested the print on InstantPost website.
  2. User has made authentic payment which has been duly received by InstantPost and the print is received visibly damaged. This claim for refund is applicable up to 3 days after delivery only when legitimate proof of damage has been provided by user and accepted by InstantPost.
  3. User has made authentic payment which has been duly received by InstantPost and then cancels the print request before it is blocked for printing and/or printed.
  4. Under any circumstances, for an eligible case of refund, if user has made the payment using “InstantPost points” termed as “point” or “points” on the InstantPost website, then the applicable refund will also be in “InstantPost points”, irrespective of the claims made by the user to qualify for the refunds.


  1. User has made authentic payment which has been duly received by InstantPost and the advert fails to qualify for quality standards during the review process. If re-submission in not made within 30 days from the date of rejection, InstantPost reserves right to cancel the ad request and issue refund.

Non-qualifying cases for refund


  1. No refunds will be provided on basis of quality expectation of user not limited to print size, print quality, ink quality, print method, paper quality, packaging quality, delivery method. User may take the free print first in order to understand quality of final output before placing request for paid print and making payment for it.
  2. In case the requested paid print has been blocked for printing and/or printed then no refunds will be applicable on such print request unless it qualifies with point 1 and 2 in the “Prints” section of “qualifying cases for refund”. Print in such case will be delivered to recipient address in order to adhere with privacy policy.
  3. InstantPost does not take responsibility of accuracy of address and mobile number, collectively termed as “contact” or “contacts” on InstantPost website. Any cases of refund arising due to inaccurate contact data provided by user for delivery of print will not be considered as a valid case of refund and such cases will be immediately disposed off as null and void.


  1. If reviewed and approved by InstantPost, no refunds will be applicable on user request to place ads behind prints of other users on InstantPost.