The idea is all about being able to Post Instantly

While you got to follow only 5 simple steps (5SS) mentioned on right, it is at times curious, at times necessity, at times just fun to know how all of it works behind the scene.

Here is a reference to help you understand how your print gets delivered.

  1. Select a Post: You select either one of the public posts from other users or create a new post of your own.
  2. Click Print: The moment your selection completes, you click on “Post Now” to place a print request with InstantPost.
  3. Choose friend or self: Once you have customized and finalized your print request and destination, we place it under print queue.
  4. Your pincode: Your pincode plays a key role in helping us Post Instantly for you. We use the destination pincode for the purpose.
  5. Nearest printing unit: We select one of our dedicated printing units nearest to the pincode you have on records with us.
  6. Instant print & pack: The moment a free printing unit is identified, we print the Post and pack it at the earliest possible.
  7. Dispatch & delivery: Your post is then grouped along with others heading the same way and dispatched for delivery.
  8. You confirm delivery (OTP): Once you or your friend receives the post, do not forget to confirm delivery by giving us the OTP printed behind your post.
  9. Have fun: This is the most important step of all, do let us and your friends know how much you like Posting with InstantPost.

Simple isn’t it! We did not even go double digit with number of steps and you are already having fun while Posting with InstantPost.