Q: Why InstantPost ?

A: InstantPost aspires to be the universal communication platform that does not restrict anyone on basis of their abilities be it financial or technical. We are aiming at inclusive growth where everyone is able to use the platform at their own pace and comfort level using medium of their choice. Please check our vision document.

Q: How is InstantPost doing it ?

A: We believe that India is a diverse country where individuals have their own flavour of lifestyle irrespective of their status be it social, financial or any other. At one end we have people who accept technology with open hands and are ready to accommodate and understand behavioural changes needed to harness technology. On the other hand, we also have people who demand technology to be abstracted behind an interface of their own choice. At InstantPost, we feel neutral to both ends of the society and have decided that instead of pushing one side towards the other, better would be to connect them starting with printed conduct.

Q: What exactly is InstantPost doing today ?

A: InstantPost today is offering free printing service to everyone. Just the way we all share memories, feelings, ideas and everything else over Internet, we believe something so wonderful should not be limited to Internet.

Q: Do I need to create an account to view public posts?

A: There are multiple levels of engagement with InstantPost. You are absolutely free to browse through public content posted by InstantPost and registered users on InstantPost without even creating an account with us.

Q: How do I create an account on InstantPost?

A: We always suggest to check a few public posts before creating an account. As and when you like, just click on “Create Account” to provide us unique username and password of your choice. We will record the same and you can login to InstantPost using the your credentials in future. Please note you may not create more than one account with us for any reason.

Q: What are requirements to place a print request?

A: You need a valid Indian mobile number and a valid Indian address in order start sending printed documents to yourself, friends on or off InstantPost. You may also link to a friend’s account in case you do not have Indian mobile number or address or both.

Q: How can I link to a friend’s account?

A: Very simple! Ask your friend to provide you their Account ID and mobile number registered on InstantPost. Enter the same as link request selecting the type of link you wish to make with friend’s account as in, mobile or address. Link is completed only after your friend approves the request sent from your account.

Q: Will the linked accounts see each other’s activities on InstantPost?

A: No, your accounts are linked only to share contact details keeping everything else including account activity exclusive for both accounts.

Q: Okay, I have got a link! How do I remove it?

A: For e.g. if you have linked friend’s mobile in your account, then just fill up your own mobile number to remove the link. You also place a link request to another friend. Once approved previous link will be overwritten.

Q: What is a Post?

A: Post is any user generated content like images, photos, documents, articles, books, magazines that users upload on InstantPost to share with their friends on InstantPost website and also as print.

Q: Who can view a private post?

A: No one! Not even the friend’s to whom you send it as print. They directly see the printed copy of the Post.

Q: Who can view a public post?

A: Public post is visible to everyone who visits InstantPost website or your friends to whom you have sent it as print.

Q: First I made my post public, now if I make it private again then will it not be available to anyone?

A: Making a public post, private again means InstantPost will no more publish it publicly over Internet. However, during the period the Post was public, it may have been copied or cached by multiple users which cannot be controlled by InstantPost. Always exercise caution when sharing a post publicly.